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img Sunday April 25th, 2010

The bibliography has been expanded with a whole new section on “Massive Resistance,” the resistance of the white south to civil rights in the 1950s and 1960s.  Also, another item on the [White] Citizens’ Councils themselves. I would like to thank the people who made these suggestions.


We have our first link, a link to oral histories of the Citizens’ Council in Arkansas. You can listen to them online. Thanks again for this link.


Euan Hague and the Southern Poverty Law Center contributed a newer and much more detailed introduction to the website.


Again, I am interested in adding links to other resources on the web.

img Sunday April 18th, 2010

Today we launch this resource for those who wish to study the Civil Rights era in American history. This is a unique resource in which you can see who were the opponents of the civil rights movement. The public tends to think of the KKK, but the Citizens Council and groups like them were the major opposition to civil rights.


It is also revealing that this rabid racism involved the “respectable” elements of society.  You will see that many arguments about race are echos of arguments originally put forth in their paper.




I am interested in getting more links in our link section. Is there a article online that refers to some event or person in the “Citizens Councils’ newspaper. Perhaps there is an online website on what happened to the Myers family in Levittown.




Also, do you have a good article to contribute about some topic that would further explain this material.  We are interested in articles by scholars in the field of history or civil rights concerning events, persons, issues raised in the Citizens’ Council newspaper.


Your thoughts:


We are interested in your thoughts about this resource and experiences in using the resource.


Edward H. Sebesta

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